NAB POS Code 75

A POS message of 75 on your NAB device means: Allowable number of PIN tries exceeded.. We’ve outlined more details on what to do when you see this code below.

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Fix NAB POS Response Code 75

In this article, we’ll look at why you’re seeing the code 75 on your NAB terminal and the next steps you can take.

What is a Response Code 75?

This response code (75) means that the merchant, NAB, has exceeded the maximum number of attempts allowed for entering the correct PIN. In simpler terms, the customer has tried entering their PIN too many times without success. As a result, the merchant should decline the transaction, meaning that they should not proceed with the payment or sale. This is done to ensure the security of the customer’s account and prevent any unauthorized access or fraudulent activity.

What do I do?

When the POS operator sees Response Code 75, which means that the allowable number of PIN tries has been exceeded, they should take the following steps:

1. Decline the transaction: Since the customer has exceeded the maximum number of PIN tries, it is important to decline the transaction to prevent any unauthorized access to the customer’s account.
2. Inform the customer: Let the customer know that their PIN attempts have been exceeded and that the transaction cannot be processed. This will help them understand the reason for the decline.
3. Advise the customer to contact their bank: Suggest that the customer reach out to their bank or card issuer to resolve the issue. The bank can provide further assistance and guidance on how to proceed.
4. Offer alternative payment methods: If possible, provide the customer with alternative payment options, such as using a different card or paying with cash, to ensure they can complete their purchase.

By following these steps, the POS operator can handle Response Code 75 appropriately and assist the customer in resolving the issue.

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If you need more information on how to deal with a response code of 75 showing on your NAB terminal, we recommend that you speak to your NAB Bank Account Manager. If you’re looking for help with knowing what POS options are available, get in touch with one of our POS Experts.

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