Revel POS Code 235

A POS message of 235 on your Revel device means: Payment (FreedomPay Freeway / IFCC). We’ve outlined more details on what to do when you see this code below.

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Fix Revel POS Code 235

In this article, we’ll look at why you’re seeing the code 235 on your Revel terminal/device and the next steps you can take.

What is a Code 235?

This response code (235) for the merchant Revel means that the payment made through FreedomPay Freeway or IFCC has been declined. The reason for the decline is that the amount being returned is more than the original authorized amount. This response code is currently only applicable to stored value cards.

In simple terms, if a customer made a payment using a stored value card through FreedomPay Freeway or IFCC, and the merchant tries to refund an amount that is higher than the original authorized amount, this response code (235) will be displayed. The merchant should take note of this and make sure to refund an amount that is equal to or less than the original authorized amount.

What do I do?

When the POS operator sees Response Code 235, which means that the payment amount exceeds the original authorization for stored value cards, they should take the following steps:

1. Inform the customer about the issue with their payment.
2. Ask the customer if they would like to pay the remaining amount using a different payment method or if they would like to reduce the payment amount.
3. If the customer chooses to pay the remaining amount using a different payment method, process the payment accordingly.
4. If the customer chooses to reduce the payment amount, adjust the transaction total to match the authorized amount.
5. Complete the transaction and provide the customer with a receipt for the adjusted payment amount.

It is important for the POS operator to communicate effectively with the customer and resolve the payment issue in a satisfactory manner.

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If you need more information on how to deal with a response code of 235 showing on your Revel terminal/device, we recommend that you speak to your Revel Account Manager. If you’re looking for help with knowing what POS options are available, get in touch with one of our POS Experts.

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