Revel POS Code 324

A POS message of 324 on your Revel device means: Promo / Terms (FreedomPay Freeway / IFCC). We’ve outlined more details on what to do when you see this code below.

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Fix Revel POS Code 324

In this article, we’ll look at why you’re seeing the code 324 on your Revel terminal/device and the next steps you can take.

What is a Code 324?

This response code (324) for the merchant Revel means that there was an issue with a promotional offer or terms related to the payment system called FreedomPay Freeway or IFCC. The code indicates that the entered promotion was not found or recognized by the system. This response code is used to validate the entered promotion, meaning that it checks if the promotion is valid or exists in the system. To resolve this issue, the merchant should double-check the entered promotion and ensure that it is correct and recognized by the system. If the problem persists, they may need to contact the relevant support or customer service for further assistance.

What do I do?

When the POS operator sees Response Code 324, which means “Promo / Terms (FreedomPay Freeway / IFCC)”, they should take the following steps:

1. Verify that the promotion code entered is correct and matches the one provided by the customer.
2. Check if the promotion is still valid and has not expired.
3. Ensure that the promotion is applicable to the specific transaction or items being purchased.
4. If the promotion is valid and should be applied, try entering the code again to ensure there were no typing errors.
5. If the issue persists, contact the relevant support team or supervisor for further assistance.
6. Inform the customer about the situation and offer alternative options or promotions if available.
7. Make sure to document the details of the error and any actions taken for future reference.

Remember, Response Code 324 indicates that the entered promotion was not found, so it is important to double-check all the necessary information and seek assistance if needed.

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If you need more information on how to deal with a response code of 324 showing on your Revel terminal/device, we recommend that you speak to your Revel Account Manager. If you’re looking for help with knowing what POS options are available, get in touch with one of our POS Experts.

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