Westpac POS Code 28

A POS message of 28 on your Westpac device means: File update file locked out. We’ve outlined more details on what to do when you see this code below.

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Fix Westpac POS Response Code 28

In this article, we’ll look at why you’re seeing the code 28 on your Westpac terminal and the next steps you can take.

What is a Response Code 28?

The response code 28 from Westpac means that the file update file is locked out. This could be due to some technical issue or security measure that prevents the merchant from accessing or updating the file. It is a soft decline, which means that the transaction can still be approved if the merchant takes necessary actions to resolve the issue. There are no additional reasons provided for this response code, indicating that the locked-out file is the main cause for the decline.

In simple terms, when a merchant receives response code 28 from Westpac, it means that they are unable to update a specific file. This could be because the file is locked, possibly for security reasons or due to a technical problem. Although it is a soft decline, meaning the transaction can still be approved, the merchant needs to address the issue to proceed. Unfortunately, no further information is given about any other reasons that might have caused this response code.

What do I do?

When the POS operator sees Response Code 28, which means that the file update file is locked out, they should take the following steps:

1. Contact the merchant, Westpac, to inform them about the issue.
2. Ask the merchant to unlock the file update file so that transactions can be processed.
3. If the merchant is unable to resolve the issue, escalate it to the appropriate technical support team.
4. While waiting for a resolution, inform customers about the temporary inability to process transactions and apologize for any inconvenience caused.
5. Monitor the situation closely and follow up with the merchant or technical support team until the file update file is unlocked and transactions can be processed again.
6. Once the issue is resolved, resume normal operations and ensure that all pending transactions are processed promptly.

It is important to note that there are no additional reasons or soft decline associated with Response Code 28.

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If you need more information on how to deal with a response code of 28 showing on your Westpac terminal, we recommend that you speak to your Westpac Bank Account Manager. If you’re looking for help with knowing what POS options are available, get in touch with one of our POS Experts.

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