Westpac POS Code 95

A POS message of 95 on your Westpac device means: Reconcile error. We’ve outlined more details on what to do when you see this code below.

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Fix Westpac POS Response Code 95

In this article, we’ll look at why you’re seeing the code 95 on your Westpac terminal and the next steps you can take.

What is a Response Code 95?

The response code 95 from Westpac means that there was an error in reconciling the transaction. This could be due to a discrepancy or mistake in the records or accounts. It indicates that the merchant needs to review and correct the error in order to proceed with the transaction successfully. There is no soft decline associated with this response code, which means that the decline is not temporary and cannot be overridden. Additionally, there are no other specific reasons mentioned for this response code, suggesting that the error is solely related to the reconciliation process.

In simple terms, when a merchant receives response code 95 from Westpac, it means there was a mistake in matching the transaction details. This could be because of an error in the merchant’s records or accounts. The merchant needs to fix this mistake before they can complete the transaction. Unlike some other response codes, there is no temporary decline option available for this code. Furthermore, there are no other specific reasons mentioned for this response code, indicating that the mistake is solely related to the reconciliation process.

What do I do?

When the POS operator sees Response Code 95, which indicates a reconcile error, they should take the following steps:

1. Check the transaction details and ensure they match the customer’s purchase.
2. Verify that the payment was not already processed or settled.
3. Contact the merchant’s bank, Westpac, to investigate the reconcile error.
4. Provide the necessary transaction information to the bank for their investigation.
5. Follow any instructions or recommendations provided by Westpac to resolve the error.
6. If necessary, update the POS system or software to prevent future reconcile errors.
7. Keep a record of the Response Code 95 and any actions taken for future reference or potential disputes.

It is important for the POS operator to address the reconcile error promptly to ensure accurate financial records and customer satisfaction.

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If you need more information on how to deal with a response code of 95 showing on your Westpac terminal, we recommend that you speak to your Westpac Bank Account Manager. If you’re looking for help with knowing what POS options are available, get in touch with one of our POS Experts.

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